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a little bit about me:

My name is Katie B and I currently live in San Diego, CA.

I have a degree from the University of Kentucky (go CATS!!!) in Integrated Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations (& a dance minor!).

I have over 10 years of marketing experience in a variety of fields including non-profits, sports leagues, government agencies, fashion and entertainment companies, restaurant and hospitality groups, and celebrity brands.

I’ve been known (on one than more occasion) to stay up all night finishing up the perfect crafting project.

I never have less than 77 things going on at a time.

I believe in egg whites for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and all the pizza I can eat for dinner.

If there’s a kitchen gadget that was sold on TV in the last ten years, I own it.

I never miss an occasion to throw a dinner party complete with personalized thanks for coming gifts, a photo station, and of course delicious treats.

I own five Christmas trees and I will not apologize.

I’m trying to be the best daughter, sister, employee, dog-mom, girlfriend, friend, and woman that I can be every single day.


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now a little bit about the vision of the blog:

This blog is your one stop shop for all things

health & wellness


navigating around the kitchen




business advice

you name it!
(seriously – let me know in the comments if there’s something you want to see!)

You can expect unfiltered, authentic, and honest conversations, advice, and reviews centered on the topics that matter to you (& me!)